The Company


Compagnie Financière Jacques Cœur - CFJC is a one of the leading financial intermediaries in the European market.
Thanks to its independent shareholders, CFJC selects the best funds and the strongest companies to meet investors’ needs.

We attach great importance to the diversity of our people’s experience, which turns into a client service excellence delivery. Our Supervisory Board, for example, comprises well-known European pension fund members, bankers and asset managers.


Excellence: a highly experienced team providing a sharp selection of quality products.

Long-Term: trust-based relationships with our investors over several years.

Service: a team fully dedicated to the needs of investors offering tailored investment solutions.

Unbiased : a business model that excludes any dependence on market players.


Regulated by the AMF (French Financial Markets Authority) and the ACPR (Prudential Control and Regulation Authority) since 2011 as an investment company, Compagnie Financière Jacques Cœur is a leader in supporting and growing Asset Management companies in France and Europe. As an investment adviser and arranger, the company achieves unsecured private placements of bonds and equities.

Founded in Paris in 2003, Compagnie Financière Jacques Cœur covers the whole continental Europe, including northern Europe, through its three branches in Milan, Brussels and Stockholm.