The Schuman Report on Europe, the State of the Union 2018

The Yearbook on Europe, Europeans are facing major challenges.

World Policy Conference 2017

World Policy Conference tenth edition, november 3 5, 2017 Marrakesh Morroco

The Schuman Report on Europe, State of the Union 2017

The annual work of reference on Europe. Europeans are facing major challenges: terrorism, populism, national electoral dates, etc.

The triumph of americanism. November 2016

to understand what happened in America on 8 November 2016, it is more useful to analyse the winds that are buffeting a diverse and divided society rather than to focus entirely on the unlikely and controversial figure of a victor who came to prominence on reality television and has now torn up the political rulebook.

Europe: the centre of Chinese attention? September 2016

By the end of 2016 the Chinese will have invested a record sum in Europe

Challenges to Europe’s borders - May 2016

La fin de la politique des frontières internes ouvertes enverrait le message d’une Europe instituée affaiblie et incapable de gérer ses défis.